A day in the life: 2018.10.12

This was a quieter week. Many staff are off because of the school holidays. The slower pace allowed me to:

  • Finally get caught up from the backlog of emails from holiday
  • Meet with my boss
  • Peer mentoring/support
  • Meet with staff to provide support
  • Senate meeting
  • Welcome our Ed Psych students
  • Meet with the senior leadership group of the school
  • Deal with some complex student issues
  • Lecture on organisational change (I do love teaching – wish I could do more)
  • Attended University Long Service Award Ceremony
  • Get through a very long to do list

A day in the life: 2018.10.05

October already. September was a whirlwind and October looks to be the same. This first week of October saw me doing many different things:

  • Doctoral supervision
  • Annual probation and promotion review meetings (lots of people doing well in promotion and probation)
  • Meetings with direct reports
  • Catch up meetings for University wide projects
  • Dealing with HR issues
  • Getting a bit of peer mentoring/support from another Dean
  • Deans meeting
  • Professors and Readers promotion meeting
  • Submitted a grant application

A day in the life: 2018.09.28

This week was post-Pride and post holiday, but no rest for the weary. The week included a range of activities including:

  • Planning meeting with School Manager
  • Meeting with professoriate
  • Another STV interview
  • Reviewing annual review forms
  • Catch up meetings with direct reports
  • Doctoral supervision
  • Athena Swan self assessment team meeting
  • School Board
  • University Court sub-group on appointing a new chair of court
  • All school staff meeting/away day
  • Cross university working

A day in the life: 2018.09.21

This was a very different sort of week for me. I was on annual leave and spent the week putting all the finishing touches on Dundee Pride. As one of the co-chairs there was so many last minute details to sort out. Getting interviewed by STV and Radio Tay were two highlights as was the Pride Merchandising launch at Abandon Ship….oh and I got to go inside the V&A. Fabulous. IMG_1209.jpg

A day in the life: 2018.09.14

The week the V&A Dundee opened up was filled with a real buzz…but that didn’t stop the work.. This week I got up to:


  • Meetings with School manager (our weekly meeting which helps keep me sane and the school moving forward)
  • UoD Equality, Diversity and Inclusion meeting
  • Meetings with direct reports
  • Working group about promotions
  • Meeting with Director of IT about their new approach to project management (great to see)
  • Meeting with Unions on the Local Joint Committee – good productive meeting
  • SEG coffee catch up
  • Weekly meeting with Depute Dean (another sanity saver)
  • Review OSAR forms
  • Meeting to progress Phd fellowship application
  • University Staff Survey Working Group
  • Board of Trustees meeting for charity
  • Interviews for new role in the school
  • and lots of emails
  • Tons of Dundee Pride related activities

A day in the life: 2018.09.07

It was Freshers Week this week and INCREDIBLY busy, but very energising. I got up to lots of different things this week:


  • Principles welcome and instillation of our new Chancellor
  • Catch up meetings with staff
  • Welcome to new students
  • Meeting with new Chancellor to discuss equality, diversity and inclusion activities within the university
  • Doctoral supervision
  • School leadership group meeting
  • Coffee meeting about Pride
  • Meeting with Scottish Heads of Social Work
  • One clear day for catch up (such a treat to have a “free” day)

A day in the life: 2018.08.31

Another busy week and the academic year isn’t even in full swing yet. Activities, meetings and tasks this week included:

  • Completing newsletter
  • University staffing committee
  • Preparing for School Leadership group meeting
  • Athena Swan meeting
  • Staffing/HR issues
  • Working group meeting regarding doctoral community
  • SEG coffee meeting
  • Interviewed for TV news programme
  • Deans meeting
  • Court retreat – best one ever.